03 December 2007

In a lazy mood

I haven't been posting for the past week. Part of the reason was because I had been busy for the past week. Sleepover at Kat's place (mainly for the kids), shopping last Tues, went to chalet from Wed to Fri and another day out yesterday. Another part of the reason was because I'm still in my lazy holiday mood. Too much "partying" this past week. Hadn't had time to do any baking nor knitting. I definitely need to buck up on my Calla Tank top as the progress is real slow!

Next year Olina will need socks for her preschool. Not too sure if it's a good choice to knit her socks or just buy off the shelf. I've been trying to find a good reason/excuse to try knitting socks, something useable, not just another chuck-off-in-the-cupboard kind of project.

Mood: lazy

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opportunityknits said...

It's fun to knit socks, but if Olina is wearing them here in S'pore you might want to use cotton blend sock yarn, wool is a bit too warm.