24 November 2007

Cupcake Decoration Class

Went for my cupcake decoration class this morning. Was glad I attended the class. The instructor, Beng Cheng, was a patient lady, who shared with us tips on how to get it right. I had a bit of problem getting the swirl nicely done. Even the stars were not consistent. Think I need more practice.

These are my creations today.

I noticed the cuppies used in the class tear away from the side as well. So I guess some of my previous failed cuppies may not be so wrong after all. Shall try baking another batch later to see whether there's any improvement. Bought a few Wilton tips from BIY today after the class. Shall use them in this batch of cuppies.

I'm feeling warm and feverish. Just hope I don't fall sick. :(

Mood: hot

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