29 July 2009

Too many backlogs is a nightmare!

Due to my fantastic PC monitor, I now have so many backlogs to update before the next intermittent "crash". I had initially wanted to create separate posts for the different items, but after going through my earlier 2 posts, I decided to place all the remaining into this single post. So this will probably end up to be a super long post, please bear with me.

Ever since the Hokkaido fair, I had been wanting to try my hands on some of the Japanese sweet treats. Last Friday, I finally could find some time to make these.

Hanami Dango

Hanami (means flower viewing) dango is traditionally made during Sakura-viewing season (source: Wikipedia). Dango is similar to our 汤圆 in texture. This experiment wasn't too fascinating as I've made them too bland. I must remember to increase the amount of sugar the next round.

On that same day, I made Radish/Carrot cake too, so that we can have them for breakfast on Saturday. I ended up with one big chunk of carrot cake and our family could only finish half of it, including a portion which was given to our neighbor. That was how much I had made!

Black Carrot Cake

White Carrot Cake

I like the texture of this carrot cake as it yields a very soft cake. Reminds me of a previous Chai Tow Kuay store I used to frequent. The store has since moved away when the area was called for redevelopment.

I have halved the recipe here. It should serve 4-5 person.

Radish/Carrot Cake


100g radish, shredded
60g carrot, shredded
1 tsp sugar
1.5 tsp salt
250g rice flour mix well with 850ml water


1. Fry radish and carrot for a few minutes. Simmer with a little water (approximately 100ml) till soft and water is about to dry up.
2. Turn down the heat. Pour the flour mixture through a sieve into the wok slowly.
3. Add in sugar and salt.
4. Change to medium heat and cook till mixture starts to dry up like the texture of mashed potatoes. Turn off heat.

5. Line baking tin with aluminum foil. Scoop the mixture into the tin and smoothen.
Note: I use a 9" round cake pan for double the recipe.
6. Steam over high heat for 45 mins. Cool completely before use. (I cool it overnight in the fridge.)
Note: the steamed carrot cake may taste a little bland on its own. It should be just nice after frying.



1.5 tbsp chopped seasoned turnip (Chai Por)
2 eggs, lightly beaten
Light Soy Sauce
Sweet Sauce

1. Rinse and soak the turnip for about 5 minutes. Drain and squeeze out excess water.
2. Fry the turnip for 1-2 mins. Add carrot cake (cut into strips of 1cm x 3cm) and fry together. Break them up into smaller chunks with your wok spatula.
3. For white carrot cake, add salt and/or light soy sauce to season. For black carrot cake, add soy sauce and sweet sauce to season.
4. Spread out the carrot cake to a single layer. Pour the beaten eggs over it. Let the eggs set a little before turning over.

I have one more item to blog on. But I'm really too tired and hungry now. Will continue tomorrow if the monitor is still with me. Going to tuck in some cold cold ice cream next!


Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Pure Enjoyment,
Glad to see your post something here again. The carrot cakes looks really delicious. I never made them before, only buy from the stalls :( Thanks for sharing the recipe, I must learn how to make it. Cheers!

KWF said...

Kitchen Corner, try it. This carrot cake keeps quite well in the fridge. I just wrap the whole thing in aluminium foil. Just finish the last bit of it this morning, still stays fresh and good. :)

Teddy Bento said...

Hi Pure Enjoyment,
Wow your carrot cakes really looks nice! Really feel like do it now!

KWF said...

Teddy Bento, try it. Then you can have one more dish for your bento. ;) Maybe I shd try that for mine too.