15 May 2009

Hana Fever is dangerous!

First of all, this post has nothing to do with baking, knitting or gardening. And don't worry, it's not another disease like the swine flu. It's just another obssession/addiction I'm seriously infected with after watching Hana Yori Dango Korean recently. For those who haven't seen it, you can catch it on Channel U tomorrow night at 9:30pm, just be careful not to be infected like me. LOL...

Those who know me well would know I'm a 101% Hana fan. I've watched various versions of it, collected the full set of Manga, collected the various versions of VCDs/DVDs. Although the storyline is pretty the same in the different versions, I just can't get tired of it. I'm now watching the drama for the second time and will be catching the TV version as well though they're the same version! What (or rather, who) got me so into it this time is this guy.

Kim Hyun Joong (金贤重) as Yoon Ji Hoo (aka Hanazawa Rui)

He's just so HOT! The character he portrayed in the drama is so perfect! I wonder if such a guy exist in our real world, handsome, rich, gentle, self-sacrificing. I would really love to meet such a guy if there is. LOL...

In real life, Hyun Joong is the leader of the popular Korean band SS501. And now I'm in love with this band as well. See? I told you it's a dangerous infection right?

Ok, I better stop soon before some of you catch my crazy bug too. Here's some SS501 videos for you to enjoy (spreading the bug uncontrollably). ;)

Never Again
Snow Prince
Four Chance
Deja Vu
A Song Calling For You
Lucky Days
You Are My Heaven
Thank You - Kim Hyun Joong
Want It
U R Man
Never Let It Go

To know more about SS501,
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Kim Hyun Joong's Monologue


Anonymous said...

i love this show as well!!
and i love hyunjong oppa!!
he's so cute! but i prefer him in real life,
when he is so diff from jihoo sombae.
i love him for being blunt and 4 dimensional.
LOVES! if only they wud come s'pore to publicize the show. =(

KWF said...

I think he's more "wild" in real life. Love the wild side of him too, esp in Deja Vu MV.

Miyoung said...

Hello ^^
Ahaha, you love Hyunjoong~ I love Kyujong yo.
Hallyu wave is dominating singapore (: