28 April 2009

Looking for part time cleaner urgently

I am looking for a part time cleaner for my mum who stays in Kallang area urgently. Recently because of her health, my mum was admitted to hospital and just discharged last week. Because she's quite particular about the cleanliness of the house (she's got asthma, so cleanliness is important to her), she ends up doing housework again after discharge despite the fact that doctor has advised her to rest. She's quite weak now and I'm really worried that it might cause her to have another relapse if she continues doing the things.

Her house is a 3-rm flat. She needs the cleaner to wash clothes (for 3 person) and clean the floor, both using hands, twice a week.

If you have any contact, do let me know please. Thanks a lot for you help!


Big-Girlicious said...

Hi KWF..have u found the part time cleaner?

KWF said...

Big-Girlicious, thanks. I just managed to find one from A-Team Amahs & Cleaners. Didn't manage to get any recommendation so far, so I got this after searching the internet. The cleaner is starting work tmr. Hopefully she can meet my mum's std and will be a happy ending.