14 April 2009

It's just not right

Have you ever tried cooking something that is really foolproof but you just didn't get it right? Well, it happened to me today.

I had a pack of Black Sesame powder in my fridge for quite a while. Initially had wanted to use that for my bakes, but I reckon it'll probably take a few more months before I can finish it off. Was browsing through KC when I saw a recipe on Black Sesame Paste (芝麻糊). I thought that would be a great way to use up the remaining powder. So I went ahead to adapt the recipe using my powder.

Not too sure if I had burnt it in the process of cooking, there seem to be a slight bitter after taste. Or should it be like this? I seldom consume Black Sesame Paste, so can't really remember what the authentic taste should be. But overall, it's still edible and I'm glad I've finally finished that pack of black sesame. LOL....


Nancy said...

Dear wai fun,
Did you roast the black sesame?? You can put in some white one together during the roasting to ensure that they do not get burnt, since you can see if its golden in white sesame. Another thing is to stir continuously during the cooking process so that th paste does not stick to the base. Just my 2cents

KWF said...

Nancy, I use the ready powder form. May be the high heat initially when getting it to boil.