26 October 2008

Are you a Manga fan?

I am, a 101% fan. My love for manga started way back when I was still schooling. It's the only category of books that I will not fall asleep over...lol...

So far, my favourites are Slam Dunk (灌篮高手)and Hana Yori Dango (流星花园). Most of you will probably be familiar with the later which also produced the famous Taiwanese F4 group a few years back. I think I can be considered an ardent fan of Hana? I collected the full set of manga, the animation series, the Taiwanese series (part 1 & 2) and the latest addition to my collections, the Japanese series (part 1 & 2).

I stumbled upon the Japanese version only recently, a few years after they were produced, kind of late. It started when I went to catch Wall.E with my family in Sep (one of those rare occasions to movies). There was this huge display board that caught my attention. It was featuring the Hana Yori Dango Final movie. So I went home searching for its info on the net and found the two Jap drama series!

If you're interested, you can catch the series online here:
- Hana Yori Dango
- Hana Yori Dango 2

Comparatively, I prefer the Jap drama to the Taiwan series. I feel that the Jap version is closer to the original manga, though there were some changes too. The actor, Matsumoto Jun, who played as Domyoji Tsukasa is good. You can really feel his arrogance in the show. Inoue Mao who played the lead, Makino Tsukushi, is also very good. I couldn't wait to finish the online version and had to go grab the DVD copies from my local stores to add on to my collection. This is one series I can rewatch a few times and not get tired of it. I'm now waiting for the movies DVD to be released.

Ok, enough raves on Jap drama. Back to food. I baked my favourite chocolate cake last week.

The recipe was originally meant to be steamed. I wanted to try if I can use that as my swissroll recipe, so I bake it instead. The baked version is as good as the steamed version, moist and rich. But I failed terribly trying to roll it. It was too soft and I broke it in the midst of rolling. That was how the swissroll ended as a layered cake instead.

Also cooked a simple fish burger for one of the nights. Prince is currently having his exam now and exam fever is high (for me). So had to do something simple for meals. This couldn't be any easier, yet yummy and delicious.

For the next entry, I'll share with you the latest theme cake I did for little princess's birthday. Stay tuned!


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Rei said...

Hey, didn't know you are a manga and Jdrama fan too! :D I have kaki liao~~