08 September 2008

Life of a royal maid

My domestic helper had returned to her kampong (for good) on Sat. She has been with us for 3 years. Baked this Lime Cream Cheese Cake for her to bring back to her family.

I have since been promoted (or demoted) to be the royal maid of this royal family (as what I've always said to my friends).

I must have been enjoying life too much for the past 3 years and have lost the ability to do housework. Either that, or my helper has been a fantastic worker. During the first two days of resuming my royal duties, I can only think of a word to describe my life - HECTIC. Yesterday I have been working non-stop from 7:30am till 6pm. Today, not much difference either. I am beginning to wonder whether the rest of my life will be the same every single day! Do not be mistaken, I'm not complaining. I'm just thinking there must be something not quite right with me. I can't seem to finish the chores everyday despite working almost full day.

This is what I've done today. Maybe you can help identify my problem. Just don't ask me to hire another helper ;)

0550 Wakey wakey. Prepare breakfast for Prince.
0615 Wake Prince up for school.
0645 Send Prince to take school bus, buy bread.
0700 Water plants, repot one AV, potted some seedlings.
0830 Princess1 wakes up, wash up for her. Make breakfast for her.
0900 Put laundry to wash. Prepare lunch. Eats breakfast (a quick one).
0930 Cook lunch.
1000 Wake Princess1 up for lunch (she's gone back to sleep after breakfast!). Sit and supervise her to eat her lunch.
1030 Wake Princess2 up coz it's time for school! Prepare breakfast for her and nag at Princess1 to hurry with her lunch.
1055 Bring both princesses to school/take school bus.
1120 Reach home. Make up 3 bedrooms and vacuum the floor.
1230 Time to fetch Princess2 from school. (Vacuuming is only half done!)
1300 Supervise Princess2 to eat lunch. Continue with unfinished vacuuming.
1320 Prince is back from school.
1330 Finally finish vacuuming. Wash up vacuum cleaner. Eat lunch and supervise Princess2 to finish her cold lunch.
1420 Princess2 finally finished her lunch. Wash up dishes.
1445 Fetch Princess1 home.
1500 Shower both princesses.
1510 Make fruit juice for the royal family.
1515 Keep dried laundry (from yesterday). Hang up the long completed laundry.
1545 Wash vegetables for dinner.
1620 Bring Prince and Princess1 for class. Did grocery shopping while waiting.
1820 Back at home. Cook dinner.
1900 Finish cooking dinner. Refold/keep laundry done earlier by Prince and Princesses (training not so successful yet).
1930 Soak laundry for tomorrow's washing. Pretreat dirty laundry.
2020 Eat dinner.
2040 Wash up dishes.
2100 Shower

Now you tell me, what's wrong with me?

Mood: tired


Happy Homebaker said...

There's nothing wrong with you, this is just about what I do everyday, lolz! I am slightly better off as I only have two serve two princes. I can't imagine handling 3 at a go!

Katharine said...

true.. nothing wrong cos that's basically a "royal maid"'s daily duties but try to let go some "royal chores" by doing them weekly instead of daily if that's possible.Don't forget your more important task - supervise your Prince's school homework & have fun with your "Prince & Princesses" despite your daily "royal tasks". It takes an effort & prioritize .. oh yes, don't forget your "Royal friends" too. ha..ha... Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

juz to share, i am working full time and also have to do some housework after work and of course to supervise my 2 boys in their schoolwork and spend time with my youngest...to keep my sanity, i "outsourced" some of the housework to a part time helper who comes in once per week. u can consider that if u really find it hard to cope....


Gina Choong said...

WF, this is the time you learn about time management and multi task. When I first moved into my giant flat, I had no maid. I had my dog, my plants and 1 princess and 1 king to serve. I did everything myself, plus go to work and come back to wash everything. My maid only came when young princess was born.

Anonymous said...

y dun you prepare breakfast all together at one go, wash the vegetables for dinner together with the one's for lunch, and soak the laundry when you hang the washed laundry. then you can save time walking here and there and taking out and keeping stuff again! :D

Edith said...

WF, don't worry. You have a 3 years break and lost touch. Once you get the hang of serving the royal family. You will be able to do it in a zap.

I give up mine for 5 years and was really happy. You will grow to like it too. We women are super good at time management and multi tasking.

At least you are a maid, I thought I was a slave!

Enjoy the royality of a maid. LOLz.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is wrong with you WF.
Here, most families with kids, will prepare breakfast (mostly sandwiches) the nite before.
I don't see a play time.
Soon, prince and princess will all grow up and maybe they will help you too. Nice no?
Take care my dear, and here's a big hug to you,
Don't forget to take the time to smell the roses.

Anonymous said...

Ha! ha! You are so funny. Perfectly understand what you are going through, cos I serve 2 princesses as well.

Christina Kim said...

Hahahaha.....welcome to the royal family then:D
I'd prefer to stay a royal princess...hehehe (I'm a brat yeah:p)

Elin Chia said...

Hi KWF :)

Dun worry, you will soon get use to the routine. I am a slave and still is to my 2 piggies even though they have gone to college now.

What the other readers say is true, time management is important. Take one thing at a time and you will find taking care of your royalties a joy after all..heehee I miss your blogging though. Take care!

KWF said...

You girls are really great support! After two weeks of adjustment, I'm getting the hang out of it, though there are still those occasional messiness popping in and out. So the royal maid is still hanging out there...lol... and yes, I'm very very behind time in terms of my blogging. So you'll see a long entry next. ;)

Lim H said...

hi, as the others said. nothing wrong with that. Especialy if you are a fulltime housewife. However, my suggestion is you might want to combine some cooking session. Eg. tried to have same type of breakfast for your prince and princesses. Vacuum/mop your floor in alternate day...then you should have some time for yourself...best regards

KWF said...

It's been almost half a year since my maid left me. Today I would say I've been adjusting very well. Most of the task schedules are already in place, esp in 2009, which makes life a lot easier.