03 September 2008

Happy Teacher's Day...erm...a bit late

I'm behind for my posts again. Seems to be becoming a habit, a bad one indeed, coz I'll start to have lots of backlogs.

I did this on one of the nights for dinner last week - baked noodles.

The recipe was taken from KC. It was very nice, every time I think of it I feel like making it again. I've added quite a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a pack of instant noodles seasoning to toss with the noodles.

Before the cheese is in...

I think I might have added too little cheese (though I swear I've covered every corner of the ingredients with the cheese), the end result wasn't as pretty as what Gina had posted. But nonetheless, it was still very good.

Last Wed, I baked some cuppies for the kids to bring to their teachers on Thur for Teacher's Day. Did my favourite Lime Cream Cheese Cupcakes and tried another great recipe from the "Easy Stir 'n Bake Cakes" by Kevin Chai.

Orange and Carrot Cupcakes

My estimation this round was better than my previous attempts of cupcakes, the end products ended up taller. I was quite pleased with them indeed.

Cuppies waiting to be baked

As usual, I have this weakness for citrus stuff. This orange carrot combination turned out another great keeper, moist and absolutely aromatic. I've reduced the amount of sugar in the original recipe and the sweetness is just nice!

I had wanted to frost the cupcakes to make them real pretty, but decided against the idea. I don't think I can depend on the kids to deliver the cuppies to their teachers in a mess-free manner, so better be safe than be sorry. So nothing fanciful this year, sorry, teachers.

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Anonymous said...

Oh WF, I love the look of your noodles!!! I love anything noodles and citrus too. WF, here's my sis orange biscuits recipe, hope you don't mind I paste here.

Orange Biscuits* -
680gm.flour 200 gm. Fine sugar
230 gm. Cornflour or Marzena 450 gm. Butter
1 tsp. vanilla essence/orange essence
1 tsp. fine salt
2 Sunkist orange, shred the rind fine sugar for sprinkling over biscuits.
1. Beat butter & sugar until frothy. Add shredded orange rind, vanilla essence & mix thoroughly.
2. Gradually add the flour and corn flour. Work into a dough. Roll and cut into round shapes.
3. Sprinkle fine sugar over biscuits. Arrange in the tray and bake until golden brown.

When I made it with butter it's so fine. Last time I made it with margarine was not nice at all.
Hope you like it.

KWF said...

Thanks Sandra! I'll try it out one of these days. :)

Anonymous said...


Wanted to try the orange and carrot as well, but was afraid that it will too sweet. How much sugar did you reduce?


KWF said...

Celine, I reduced only 10g and it turned out all right.