17 June 2008

This June holiday

I've been slacking in my baking this Jun holiday. Ever since the exam break in May, I couldn't pick up the momentum to do baking. I still cook for the family, but nothing fanciful.

On the other hand, I'm still into my new hobby of gardening. Bought a few more AVs recently.

Added two racks in my balcony to reorganise the plants a little as they're getting untidy lying around.

These are my latest darlings, AVs and gloxinia.

My pumpkins have grown quite tall, but rather slow, compared to the pot I've placed at my mum's place. She obviously has got more greens than me.

Let's see, what else did I do this Jun holidays... I harvested my second batch of grape wine too. This batch was a total failure. I was experimenting with sweet wine and had used 15% sugar instead. There wasn't much bubbling during the whole process. The wine turned out to be super sweet grape juice! No presence of alcohol at all! I had to add tonnes of ice and water to mix with it before I can drink it. So that marks the last episode of sweet wine for me.

Mood: bored


Yuri said...

Hey wf, so nice to have a big balcony and do you have green fingers! All the plants are so well maintained. Well done :)

Happy Homebaker said...

You make me want to go grab a few pots of AV right now!!! Where did you get yours? I used to buy av from far east floral, ikea or cold storage.

Anonymous said...

I love your AV! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...


How many nusery did you go today?
Strong signs of av & gloxi addiction ... :p


KWF said...

yuri, me no green fingers. Still at trial and error stage.

HHB, I get my AVs from everywhere...lol... FEF, World Farm. Wait till you see my latest addition from SinFlora. I bet you'll rush to get them!

Sandra, I love AV, but I think I love Gloxinia even more!

LM, lost track liao...hahaha... beyond cure already

Anonymous said...

Hi, saw your AV and would like to drop a few lines. You can start to grow your own AV by cutting one or two older leaves and either stick them in a small jar of water or stick the leaf into a pot with soil and cover it with a cut clear plastic drink bottle that fits rightly into the inner rim of the pot with the leaf in it. Do not let the leaf touches the side of the bottle. Until little plant appear, then you can remove the plastic bottle and you got a new plant.