26 April 2008

Grape Wine Making - Day 5

Fermentation is still taking place actively. The aroma of the wine is getting stronger. Residue has also started to collect at the bottom of the jar.

See next update here.

Mood: Waiting eagerly


Yuri said...

wow wf, very excited for you as well. be sure to measure how much wine you harvest from this batch ok? i'm trying to resist and need to find out where to get the yeast first.

KWF said...

yuri, you can start this ASAP, coz grape wine does not need yeast, just grape and sugar will do. :D

Yuri said...

omg wf, I haven't been paying attention then! grape wine doesn't need yeast ... I've got some green seedless grapes in the fridge lor!

KWF said...

yup, yuri. so you start experimenting with those. :)