05 March 2008

Yogurt Bread Variation

Karina is recovering from her pneunomia. So I could bake some breads yesterday after eating two days of store-bought ones. Call me fussy, but I still prefer home made bread.

I chose to bake the yogurt bread again, this time using berries yogurt and replacing the butter with "no trans fats" magarine (in compliance with my husband's idea of healthy bread). I baked two batches to do a little experiment.

The first batch I did as buns since the dough is very good to work with.

I added some cranberries to some of the buns and top the rest with blueberry filling. These two really complement the berry yogurt bread very well! The slightly tangy cranberries added more flavour, texture and aroma to the bread. The not-so-sweet blueberry added a nice balance to the bread, perfect for those not having a sweet tooth.

The second batch I replaced the high gluten bread flour with medium gluten plain flour. The cost of flour is rising. Besides trying to get a healthier bread, I'm also trying to achieve a more cost effective bread.

Seems like plain flour and magarine are good replacements to satisfy my goals. The loaf made with the plain flour yields the same softness and fluffiness. No doubt about it. My husband couldn't taste the difference, so I guess the plain flour passed my test. :) From now on, I'll probably be using more plain flour than bread flour...lol...

Mood: satisfied


cocoa said...

I love yogurt bread.. aren't delicious and soft :) I have yet find a bread recipe that will produce a soft bread with regular plain flour. All the bread i made were from High gluten flour, probably need to start my own experiment :)

KWF said...

cocoa, start your experiment with yogurt bread since you already know what to expect of the texture.