26 February 2008

Chiffon Cake: Attempt 2

This morning I tried baking the same Chiffon Cheesecake from Alex Goh again. Sigh...still failed. *drop head*

This time, I reminded myself to beat the egg white a little longer until I get it straight up.

The cake rose quite high, went above my 6" round pan. But later when I inverted the cake pan, the cake dropped out of the cake pan after a few minutes. :(

Texture wise is slightly better than my first attempt, but it's still more towards a baked cheesecake, rather than a chiffon cake. So I guess I can't say I've succeeded in baking a chiffon cake yet. I think my folding skill might have caused the problem. I still find traces of egg white in the cake after baking.

Mood: just like the weather today


Rei said...

Hi Wai Fun,

Do not be discouraged. If the cake slipped out of the pan after inverting; means it's not thoroughly baked yet.You might want to adjust your temperature or duration a little. HTH.

cocoa said...

I have yet to try chiffon cake recipe because i afraid of the failure. Yours looks ok on picture. Good luck and let me know once you find out the secret of success :)

Yuri said...

hi wf, that's still better than many who can't bake. Let's work hard together. I'll be trying the cotton sponge cake soon. not sure how that will turn out *nervous*

Rei said...

erm... i forgot to ask, may I link your blog to mine?


KWF said...

rei, looks like I don't have the "fate" to make chiffon cake yet. Read it here & you'll know why. So for now it'll mostly be bread. And hey, no prob linking to my blog. Thanks for doing that!

cocoa, I've always a favourite saying - If you don't try, you won't know. Even if I hit problem, I'll try to resolve it or think of a workaround, unless it's sth like this case, which I probably can't do much for the time being. So don't give up till the last minute, ok?

yuri, thanks so much for your encouragement! I'll be concentrating on my bread now to further experiment with it. Good luck to your cotton sponge cake!