17 January 2008

Wholemeal Bread

I baked bread again last night. This was the third time I tried, a bit better than the first two times (at least this time it tastes like bread), but not really successful yet. This is a recipe that uses the Vita-mix (VM) to knead the bread dough.

Still trying to figure out what went wrong. I suspect my loaf pan is too small for the full recipe (which was the same demostrated in the VM cooking class). My bread dough would rise beautifully within 15-20 mins. When I put it into the oven to bake, it would still be tall and high, but after 10 mins or less, the "tall and high" would come toppling down.

From this...

To this...

But at least I'm a step nearer to success. In my two earlier bakes, the bread turns out very dry on top and wet inside, with big holes. That was due to the honey I added (trying to be healthy and not use sugar instead). Was grateful that the teacher actually pointed that out to me yesterday when I went for lesson.

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