26 January 2008

Pineapple tarts after note

I've waited for a few days to try my pineapple tarts again. Pauline mentioned that the tarts will taste better after a few days when the jam finally "integrate" with the pastry. They do taste better than when I first bake them, but still no "melt-in-the-mouth" feel.

I've used up the remaining pastry and most of the jam in my fridge on Thursday. Made the second batch to bring to my in-laws tomorrow. This time round I bake them a little more golden (since I know they'll probably soften after a few days).

I'm still in search for a real melt-in-the-mouth pastry. I'll probably have to wait till next year as I won't be making any more pineapple tarts this CNY.

Mood: lethargic


Anonymous said...

Try this recipe from this blogger.
Looks very nice...
I'm going to try it soon..
hopefully turn out well for me hehe
Rdgs: hui hiong

KWF said...

Thanks hui hiong! I do not know if I will be making more pineapple tarts this year coz I've run out of people to give to! Lol.... And I've been down with sore throat for a few days after all these taste-testing.

I hope yours will be successful. Do update me, ok?

syen27 said...

Just discovered your blog.. And found that we have so much in common.. Both like to cook, bake and knit!.. I just finished baking 7 containers of PT (pineapple tarts) last Sat.. Tried Kueh Bangkit last night but was unsuccessful.. And planning to bake peanut cookie tonight.. Am I crazy? doing all these one week before CNY..

Let's keep in contact.. my email is syen27@yahoo.com

KWF said...

Hi suk Yen, thanks for dropping by! Just finished one full day of cookies baking yesterday! I've slacked in my knitting too. :( will need to catch up on that.

Anonymous said...

I've just finish 118 pcs of pineapple tarts yesterday nite. I cooked the fillings a day before so making the tart yesterday does not take so long.
It turn out just the way I wan. I'll show you the pics when I start my own blog...hhaha
Cheers...Hui Hiong

KWF said...

Thanks, hui hiong! Looking forward to reading your blog soon! ;)