18 January 2008

Cooking Steak

I've always loved steak, especially those medium steaks that are juicy. Bought two pieces of NZ striploins from Cold Storage yesterday and decided to cook them today. I used some lemon juice to tenderise the meat (a trick taught by Gina). But I think I've used too much and the steak taste tangy, not too bad though. I just season the steak with a little garlic salt and black pepper. I managed to achieve the medium pink middle standard for my steak today. I cook one side for about 90 secs over high heat, then turn it over and cook for another 70 secs.

Made simple sushi for the kids

Mood: happy


Precious Moments said...

Try kiwi as it doesn't have a tang to it so won't destroy the natural juice of the steak.

KWF said...

Thanks! Will remember that the next round I cook steak.