21 November 2007

World of Hello Kitty

I went to United Square today and saw these from the Hello Kitty shop there.

Under normal circumstances, I would not have entered the shop since I'll probably have nothing to buy from there. But ever since I saw those cute HK moulds some of the bloggers own, I've been paying attention to where I can get my hands on one of those stuff. Needless to say, I just have to check out the shop although I admit I didn't have much hope when I walked into it. To my surprise, they really carry some baking products...actually, just these two baking products. Couldn't resist and have to buy them! But they're super expensive! Both cost me a total of over $40! One of the most expensive bakewares I own! Couldn't wait to put them into use though I must first figure out the "how".

Mood: excited


Elyn said...

The cookie cutter set is very pretty! Taiwan and HK would be a better place to get them, and cheaper too.

KWF said...

Hi Elyn,

too bad I seldom travel. So very slim chance to get those. I saw from your site you're selling cookie cutter? and saw from your blog one HK agar agar dessert! I'm gg to try that next time.