07 November 2007

Undoing and redoing

It's a little heartache to make this decision, but if I don't make this decision now, I'm probably going to have a bigger heartache later.

I'm undoing my Calla Tank and starting all over again. :( I've already done almost the full front piece.

Took the measurement and realised it was too small, at least 2 inches smaller. I don't think I can be on diet and reduce another 2 inches, so the next best thing to do is to undo and redo it. It's a "no choice" kind of choice.

At least this made me learn a lesson on substituting yarn. I've never really done a project that substitutes the yarn completely (except for the Mississippi Top for Olina which luckily turns out ok). I did some search on google and found this useful article on "How to Substitute Yarns". I then compared the suggested yarn used in the pattern with my cotton yarn and found them to have different gauge. Did some calculations and decided on the new pattern size I should be following. Hopefully this time round will turn out fine. At least I will know whether my learning passes.

Mood: determined

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