23 November 2007

Poached Eggs

I decided to make poached eggs for breakfast this morning. If you want to know how to do it, check out Su Yin's blog. I learnt it from her too. :)

Did 4 eggs this morning and only 1 turned out ok (that was how I got a nice photo to show you below...lol...). 2 others, the yolk "broke" while I was cracking the egg! The next "badly done" one, the yolk got broken while I was scooping it out of the wok. Totally fragile!

Poached egg cooking in the wok. Looks like cloud in the sky with traces of white flying around.

My one and only successful one

The "good one" went to my son and me and the 2 girls had the rest. All of us enjoyed the breakfast, even with the not-so-nicely done eggs.

My conclusion is, the next time I'll make half boiled eggs. Easier! LOL...

Mood: satisfied

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