17 October 2007

What luck!

Went down to Phoon Huat today to get the Meringue Powder for my buttercream icing experiment, only to discover that they do not sell that, since very long ago (as that baker-look guy told me).

I must really start practising on my cuppies and icing. Next Fri is the little Karina's birthday and I'm not too sure if I can get it by then to produce something presentable. And now is the "twice in a year" stressful period for me -- EXAMS! Two more weeks before my son's exams are over. Arrrgggghh...hope I can get everything done properly. I've been a little breathless these few days.

Mood: stressed


Elyn said...

Hi! I chanced upon yr blog and realise you're looking for meringue powder. BIY has it, I was there last week :)

KWF said...

Thanks, Elyn. I just tried one buttercream recipe ytd and it was successful! :D And tt one don't require meringue powder, so I'm saved for the time being.