23 October 2007

Too small

I've finally finished the white lacey top that I was knitting. Am sewing it up today. The sewing is a bit tricky since I was never good at joining pieces beautifully. Furthermore, the instructions provide no clear guide on where to stop the side seam...hmmm... I'm beginning to suspect the instruction was printed wrongly somewhere again (not surprising for this design since it's not the first time the instructions went wrong).

This top was originally meant for Olina who's turning 4. I've made the size for 4 yo. But it looks small now that I've sewed it up. I may have to give this to little Karina instead (who turning 2 this Fri). Olina will definitely be unhappy about it. Have to wait for the 2 girls to wake up from their afternoon nap to decide who it fits better.

Mood: not truely satisfied

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