04 October 2007

My oven is dead

Was baking fish and chicken baked rice for dinner tonight when I thought something was not quite right with the oven. The cheese has melted after about 15 minutes or so, but it stayed like this for a very long while. And when I tried to turn the temperature knob to a higher temperature, the light did not light up as usual. I suspected the oven is finally dead, after being with me for over 10 years, well worth while. Luckily I had a new Teffal oven (Bigger than my current one) which was given to me by my ex-colleagues 3 years ago when I quitted my job. Otherwise I do not know what to do with the unbaked dish.

Finally has a chance to use this new oven to carry out my baking experiment again. Shall share more when I do actual baking with it later.

Mood: excited

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