07 October 2007

First cupcake lesson

Today I had my hands on my first cupcakes, using the new oven. I did a Choc Chip cupcake base. Wanted to perfect my base before moving on to frosting.

But as always, the first time is always failure for me. I baked 2 different batches of cuppies. The first batch didn't turn out well. Most of my cupcakes sank after baking. Some even tear away from the paper cup edges. I did a search on googles and found some useful information from Wilton discussion forum. It seems that my temperature has been set too low. I think this is true, as I have to bake the cuppies for over 30 minutes before they're done. Did the toothpick test 3 times before the centre came out clean. And the cuppies are a little hard on top.

My second batch (actually only 1 cuppie in the brown muffin paper cup) turns out better. The cake rises beautifully and did not sink back after cooling. I had set the temperature a little higher for my second batch since the first batch took longer to cook.

Even though the results were not as ideal, the kids were still happily eating away the cuppies. Got to finish this batch before I can move on to further sharpen my skills. At this rate, I'm definitely growing fat! Got to think of some ways to deal with the test cuppies. Anyone wants to volunteer to clear them? ;)

See the difference between the white paper cuppies and the brown one?

Mood: experimenting

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