14 July 2008

Steamed Tofu

This was modified from a recipe in another of my newly bought book on steamed dishes. I love steamed dishes as they can be prepared ahead, they're mostly simple and healthy.

I love Tofu, but I have really limited ways to cook them nicely. My tofu dishes always ended up the same old thing. So this can add on to my limited collection.

Streamed Tofu

Silken tofu (300g + 250g pack)
Fish paste (I used half pack of Dodo Saito Fish Paste)
1 tbsp Light soy sauce
Shallots for garnishing

1. Cut tofu into serving size and lay on oiled steaming plate.
2. Spread a think layer of fish paste on each tofu.
3. Drizzle some oil (I use for fried garlic oil) and soya sauce on top.
4. Steam over medium heat for 7 mins. Scatter fried shallots on top generously. Serve hot.

Mood: Love it!


Gina Choong said...

WF, next time just steam it with chai por(from chwee kueh fillings) or add minced pork that is seasoned with salted egg white..break the salted egg yolk on top..also good!

Elin Chia said...

Hi KWF :)
Good idea. I have never thought of putting a layer of fish paste on top of the tofu. Haha I normally fry some garlic oil and put over the steamed tofu. Thanks. :)

And Gina's suggestion is aso noted down. Shld be nice aso...yummz salt egg my favourite.

KWF said...

Thanks gina for the suggestions. Good to expand my tofu recipes. :D

elinluv, steam tofu is easy, nice and healthy! Definitely a keeper in my recipe bank!