16 July 2008

Pumpkin Cake

This is another fantastic recipe from my new Easy Stir 'n Bake Cakes book. It's so delicious, the kids almost finished the whole cake!

Fresh from the oven...

The cake is a little on the sweet side, not from the sugar, but from the natural sweetness of pumpkin. Soft and nice! You won't get tired of it, unlike most sweet cakes.

I did not follow the recipe to the dot. I've omitted grated chocolate, used plain flour instead of self-raising flour, replace corn oil with olive oil and used ground peanut simply because I was lazy to buy another pack of ground hazelnut.

Pumpkin Cake

Flour mixture:
130g plain flour } Original recipe:
3g baking powder } 100g self-raising flour, 30g plain flour
1g salt }

20g ground peanut
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
3 eggs
140g brown sugar (original recipe uses 150g castor sugar)
120ml olive oil
1/4 tsp salt
170g grated pumpkin (original recipe uses only 150g)

1. Grease and line a 10x20cm loaf pan. Preheat oven to 175°C.
2. Combine flour mixture, ground hazelnut and soda in a mixing bowl.
3. Combine eggs, sugar, oil and salt. Stir into flour mixture (from step 2) together with grated pumpkin until well blended.
4. Pour mixture into loaf pan. Bake in oven for 35-40 mins (I bake a total of 50 mins). Stand for 10 mins before turning onto wire rack to cool.

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Unknown said...

yummy cake..my mom loves pumpkin so i'll bake her this ..thanks for the recipe.How's the texture of the cake? It looks like kueh to me :)

Yuri said...

wow very nice cake! guess what? i saw the book at Sun Lik and bought it without much hesitation. can't wait to bake it :P

KWF said...

sue, it's soft cake, doesn't taste like kueh, don't worry. :)

yuri, a good book to invest indeed. Don't even need a mixer...lol...

Anonymous said...

HI kwf

would like to check with u on this recipe book, is it the one written by Kelvin Chia? I saw a book written by him entitled "Easy stir and bake cake" sth like that at MPH. Almost bought it but then changed my mind cause i found some of the combinations of ingredients a bit strange...anyway, this pumpkin cake looks interesting and i like pumpkin...will try it out.


Becky said...

Hi WF,

The grated pumpkin is uncook right? Cake looks yummy, will bake it once I have time.

Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Cuisine Paradise said...

Wow....Hi... Kwf, your this pumpkin cake look great!!!!...I love anything with pumpkin... Thanks for sharing...

AJ said...


I like ur blog...very nice and generous of u to share the recipe:D

Anonymous said...

Thanks WF for sharing the recipe. I think I will make it one of these days.
Big hugs to you my friend,

Gina Choong said...

oy WF, try using pumpkin to make loti..so when are you restarting your loti engine? :) and you have alot of things with me too..when arrh?

KWF said...

octopusmum, yes, the book is by Kevin Chai. You can get it fr Popular too.

becky, yup, shredded raw pumpkin.

ellena, then you'll probably love this cake!

jas, I like to share nice things. :)

sandra, hope you'll like the cake. It's got a natural sweetness.

gina, errmmm...soon will be doing roti, after I finish my plain flour. Sorry ah, keep on delaying.

Glory said...

kwf, thanks for the recipe. made it 2 weeks ago and everyone loved it, esp the kids. definitely a keeper and will be making it quite often (good way to get my son to eat some pumpkin!). :)

KWF said...

glory, I use this cake too, to make my kids eat pumpkin, without them rejecting it...lol...

Anonymous said...

This looks yummy! Im gona try this

sherlyn said...


I think its a good way for the kids to get the nutritious pumpkin into them, so I would try to try out this cake. Its stir and bake too, good for very very lazy people like me. If I do try (not sure if I have the right size loaf pan), I will link the recipe to your blog. Hope that is alright with you.

Now I hope my kids will not reject this pretty and delicious looking cake.

Anonymous said...

Hihi... Tried the recipe @ this early morning... The taste is sooooo great!!! Emmm... Rather simple ingredients also... Thanks 4 this wonderful sharing ya ^o^

KWF said...

Hi anonymous, glad you like the cake. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi WF,

Your pumpkin look yummy. I would like to bake. Your recipe need 3g baking powder and 1g salt. Is it 3g about 3/4 tsp for baking powder and 1g is about 1/4 tsp?
I quite new in baking. Thank you in advance.