29 April 2008

Strawberry Wine - The pretty one

Before I started my fruit wine journey, I told myself I will make Strawberry wine one day, coz it's just so beautiful! All women love beautiful things, don't they? :) I've seen the pretty red wine from the internet and am so enchanted by it.

Today I made a trip down to Carrefour to see if there's any discounted strawberries I could grab. I didn't waste my trip. Came back with 3 punnets of USA strawberries. They were so fresh and in excellent condition. I carefully washed them, dried them individually with kitchen towel and aired them a little.

Cut them up into small pieces before putting them into my big glass container. I was determined to make a bigger jar of wine this round so that I can have more to go round, unlike my grape wine. I didn't use up all the 3 punnets (still feeling a little heartache to use them all up) though I'll probably need all of them to fill up 80% of my container. So eventually it's roughly 1210g of strawberries with 130g of sugar. I used a higher percentage of sugar this round since strawberries are more sour than grapes. I had wanted to use about 15% sugar, but decided against it after considering the fact that hubby do not really like sweet wine.

Not too sure if it was the fruit or the sugar or both, bubbles appeared almost immediately after I gave the fruits a stir to mix with the sugar.

I shall be watching over it eagerly for the next couple of days.

See next progress here.

Mood: excited


Anonymous said...

This is nice, having your very own wine. I would try one day, need your advice once a while.

Your bread looks nice too, target to make them next week as I have some cheese to turn into something, haven't fix my mind on what to make. There are too many recipes in my mind.

I find you're an interesting and adventurous lady especially in baking. I am reading your blog daily.

Yuri said...

hey wf, I will start with strawberry wine, if I can find strawberries at a bargain! thanks for the inspiration!

Gina Choong said...

WF, fruit wine making is game over for me now. :)
since now,I know how its done. Now, I am trying to make Orange Blossom water. Coz its so expensive to get it.

KWF said...

cindi, no problem. Just let me know if you need any help, though I'm not too sure whether I'll be able to answer all your qns. I've also just started out. As for bread, if you have cream cheese on hand, try the Cream Cheese Bread. And I do agree with you I'm quite adventurous, especially in bread. Thanks for your support! :)

yuri, try to check out Carrefour. I bought the USA strawberries at $5.90 a punnet. Very fresh! So you won't have too much wastage.

gina, aiya, why so fast game over? you always come and go so fast, can't even catch up your pace! lol...