18 January 2008

Candy Box Cake

I made this little cake for little Claire who's turned 4 today. (Pardon the poor pictures as they were taken under my yellow light.)

The cake was inspired by a pretty jewellery box cake I saw from the forum. But Kat wasn't really keen on putting toy jewelleries on a cake to be eaten, that was why it ended up as a candy box.

Not much planning was done before hand. I sort of roughly constructed the pieces of cakes and architecture I'll need in my head, but didn't put them down on paper. I used the Steam Moist Chocolate Cake as the cake base (this has become my favourite chocolate cake recipe). Steamed two separate cakes in the 8x5 cake tin borrowed from Gina, waited for them to cool off before I can start the construction. By the time I started, it was already over 3pm!

I tried my best to trim the soft cake and carefully cut up each of the chocolate wafers to construct the base architecture. It felt like playing 3D puzzle!

Next I frosted the cake with pink buttercream and placed the decoration imprompto-ly using whatever little edible ornaments I can find in my baking box. Due to the lack of proper planning, I did not have enough candies to fill up the boxes and had to ring Kat up to buy some last minute goodies. While waiting for the remaining sweets to arrive, I made the cover using a PVC board covered in light pink ribbon. I secured the cover to the cake with lots of toothpicks behind. The end result is this.

From this project, I realised my frosting skills really sucks! Need to explore the proper way to frost a cake nicely. Luckily little Claire wasn't really affected by the uneven frosting and was still excited over her goodies box. Her little smile makes all the effort well worthwhile!

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Rei said...

WF, I need some advice with regard to the decorating. Appreciate if you could spare some time to email me at rei_miyaz@yahoo.com. Thanks. :)