29 September 2010

It's one year again!

Time flies. DS turns 11 a few days ago. I planned a small surprise party for him this year as next year he'll probably be having his PSLE during his birthday.

He is obsessed with the Animal Kaiser cards and game recently. His company of friends are all playing the game. For his birthday, he has requested to play the game in the arcade with his friends. We seldom bring him to the arcade, so he was thrilled when he got his wish this year.

Needless to say, he requested for the same theme for his birthday cake as well. I have only watched him play the game once. I could not recall how the game screen looked like. With the help of modern technology, I was able to search the required information from the net.

I didn't want to spend too much time doing the figurines, so I just got some toys, clean them up and use them as toppers for the cake. Luckily the birthday boy didn't complain. He liked the cake and was even surprised that I know the exact shape for the scores.

This was the first time I piped grass and I just loved it! It allowed me to be "messy". If you have been following my previous works, you would know that my piping sucks.

The birthday boy with his cake

The sisters and cousins


jamesboon said...

Oy HF, how did you manage to rush home to add a new post? Ah Boy has grown some more since I last saw him. Your kids are 2 CUTE! Looks like they really enjoyed D's 11th birthday and of course your much requested cake creations.

Blessed Homemaker said...

Very impressive. I'm not sure if I can pipe like this. But it's a great idea to cover up the cake like this. I'm sure my son will like this cake too as he was just introduced to Animal Kaiser cards by his classmate and loving it. Did you use buttercream? My frosting using dairy whipping cream melts so fast that it's almost impossible to frost.

KWF said...

FY, this post was created that day, but I managed to finish writing it only a few days later!

Blessed Homemaker, you probably know my piping is not that great from my earlier works. However, piping grass is different. You can really be messy, so I'm sure you can do a good job too. I used non-dairy cream for this cake, so have to leave it in the fridge. And of course, the fondant sweated. :(

Pei-Lin said...

Hey, KWF! I think the cake looks grand! Well done! And nope, your piping skills are WAY better than mine.

Happy belated birthday to your son! He's a handsome young man! All the best in his studies!

KWF said...

Thanks Pei-Lin. ^_^ I'll let him know what you said about him.

Family First said...

I totally understand what you mean when falling in love with piping grass!! I just did that for a cake and some cuppies and yeah, they looked great being messy!