07 February 2010

Flower Power

My little girl turned 6 this year. How time flies! I still remember making her a Barbie doll cake last year to celebrate her birthday.

This year we had a little party at home before she enters formal schooling next year. She'll probably be too busy to have parties next time. She invited just a few close friends over. And guess what? She requested for a Barbie doll cake again. Girls are girls, they never seem to get tired of Barbie and princesses, do they? My youngest girl also requested for a princess cake for her birthday this year (again?).

This is the what my little princess got this year. Little princess requested for flowers, so she got lots of them. I didn't do much planning for this Barbie, as compared to the last one. Just not my style to plan, as usual...lol...

This year I decided to have something different for the top of the dress. Made a sleeveless one last year and wanted to challenge myself to do something different this year.

So which Barbie doll do you like? :)


WendyinKK said...

I love the rose at the dress's neckline... so pretty.
Wish I'm Olina...

KWF said...

Thanks, Wendy. :) I usually design as I decorate, so I'm also not sure of the final product until it's really done. For this cake, I feel that there is still room for improvement.

One of my guests wanted to place an order for her girl's birthday. But I could not accept her request. Having 3 kids to coach at home, doing this as a biz is really not possible atm. Otherwise I'll end up with tonnes of sleepless nights!

Cookie said...

very nice princess cake... This is so different from the previous buttercream barbie!

Olina is lucky to have such a fantastic mum!