27 June 2009

Our little chit-chat session

Last Sunday, I invited some friends over for a chit-chat cum tea session. This group consists of my closest friends whom I've known for more than 20 years. How time flies! From teenagers, we've now turned into aunties, some with kids running around. It feels great to have such "old" friends whom you can "hack care" your "image" when you're hanging out with them and can be just yourself.

I made some snacks for them. The ladies were complaining I had made too much food though I thought there were just a few. Chocolate cuppies, bacon sausage rolls, mix fruit salad and these...

Baked Chicken Wings

Sausage Cheesy Hotdog Rolls


I follow the recipe of Tsukune in Rei's blog. But I had used Kikkoman Thick Teriyaki sauce instead. They turned out really nice! I made twice the recipe and had enough to be frozen in the freezer so that I can have them whenever I run out of ideas for meals. Definitely a keeper in my recipe list.

To my dear friends, if you're reading this, I'm really glad that we're still keeping in contact and having our not-so-regular meetings. I don't mind inviting you girls (plus hubbies and kids) over again so that 我可以把你们养得白白胖胖的!


Linda said...

Thanks for the yummy treat! We really enjoyed it! :D

Blessed Homemaker said...

Your friends are indeed fortunate!