26 October 2008

Little Princess is 3!

My little Princess turned 3 today. How time flies! Soon she will no longer be a cute little devil, it's a little sad to think of it.

I made her a Hansel and Gretel Candy House cake this year, to bring to school for celebration. This has been on my plan since beginning of the year when Gina told me about it.

As usual, I won't consider this a full score cake, though I think it's better than my earlier Pirate Ship. (Sorry, prince, I'll try harder next year.)

The cake is my usual chocolate cake (baked instead of steamed). I baked it on Thur morning but only started my assembly and decoration work at 10:30pm, after last minute coaching to the Prince for his first exam the following day. Being the usual slow worker and one who's known for no pre-planning, I took my own sweet time to decorate the cake, while watching my favourite Hana Yori Dango on the TV. I finished most of the decorations at 5am. Took an hour sleep before waking Prince up for school. Then continued the rest of the decoration in the morning.

The cake was iced in chocolate buttercream (because Cold Storage ran out of non dairy cream). The roof was filled with colorful Skittles fruit candies, Hershey's mini kisses, marshmallows and jelly sweets. I simply used whatever is available in the house.

I used the Christmas Sprinkles on the side to make the words "Happy Birthday Karina". This is what you get when your creative juice runs dry in the early morning. The front and sides of the house were covered in pink Giant Pocky sticks (halved), while the plain ones went to the back of the house. The windows and door are made of Wang Wang rice cracker.

The 3 kids were quite excited about the cake. Who won't be when there's loads of candies on it? Princess Olina even asked me to reserve some for her if the children couldn't finish the cake in school. I teased her by telling her there won't be any for her if it's finished.

Of course the little kids in school couldn't finish the cake. They only managed to finish a small portion of it and I had to bring the whole house back home again. On the way to and from school, passersby were staring at the cake as I couldn't find a box to put it in, so simply walk to the school supporting the cake on my hands! Luckily the school is just a block away. The teachers at school were quite impressed with the cake though.

I ended up sleeping for a full 12 hours on Fri night as a result of the midnight oil burnt!

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Edith said...

Happy Birthday to your little one. Seems like a lot of effort being put into this cake. Good job.

Gina Choong said...

WF, hahah..me again huh? I think we spoil our kids too much. Melody now asking for a musical box look for her cake next year. how come never take photo of ah girl with her cake and all her friends!!

Rei said...

Happy Birthday to your precious! It's lovely!

Elin Chia said...

Happy Birthday to your little princess..though a little late.

Nice piece of work..the hours spent on it :) worth it ya..mother's love is inmeasurable:)

Anonymous said...

Oh WF, what a beautiful cake!! I love it! Very impressive! And Happy Birthday to your little precious one.
Is the exam fever over now? Take time to rest a bit ok,
Big hugs to you my friend,

Yuri said...

Hey wf, nice cake and You've been tagged :P http://yuribake.blogspot.com/2008/11/memories-are-made-of-these.html

Gina Choong said...

WF, you have been tagged by me..I know you are super busy. me too!

quizzine said...

i've tagged you in my blog.

Anonymous said...

How are you? Update lah, miss your entries.
Anyway, found this on cake deco,

Have a good holiday season,

Rei said...

Merry Xmas to you and your loved ones!

KWF said...

To all who've kindly tagged me, I'm still very much behind my blogging, so shall give the tags a miss this round. Thanks anyway.