30 September 2008

Prince turned 9 (...continued from previous entry)

This is the first time I bake a cake for ds' birthday. The previous years' were all store bought.

It was rather tough deciding on the theme. His favourite is Pokemon. Initially I thought of doing a Pikachu cake for him, but couldn't find the cake pan locally. The daily housework totally put that off my mind till the actual morning! There I was sitting in front of my PC searching for ideas when I saw a pirate ship cake. I thought that looks cool and more importantly, easy enough.

Now allow me to present you my totally amateur version.

I don't know how you rate this project, I don't considered it a success.

I have chosen the Easy Orange Cake as my cake base. Orange always appeals to me when it comes to baking. The recipe is easy enough as what the name suggests. The cake came out moist and orangy, definitely much better than my earlier Nutella cake.

After cooling, I start to put my plan in action. While crumb coating the cake with fresh cream, the cake started to crack and drop to the side! Oh dear, now it looks more like Titanic rather than a pirate ship. Ended up I have to place wafer sticks below t support it.

The frosting wasn't easy. I had wanted to use chocolate fresh cream to frost the cake, but decided that won't be dark enough. I didn't want to spend time making a Chocolate ganache which I have no confidence since I haven't done one before. So I ended up using Nutella spread instead. And you know how thick Nutella is. After much struggling, I finally finished coating majority of the ship. The rest which I couldn't coat (actually too tired to try on), I just used the wafer sticks and Froot Loops to hide it.

Why didn't I consider this project a success? Coz ds thought it was a treasure box. There were no treasures or pirates on board, looked more like an abandoned ship. Or maybe it didn't even look like a ship at all.

Despite that, I must say the ship looked rather spectacular when the cannons (candles) were up, for that few seconds, at least.

Mood: tired


Happy Homebaker said...

The cake looks great when the candles were all lighted up :) It looks yummy too!

JY said...

I think the cake looks good.

Next time you can try to put the cake in the fridge 1st before frosting.. this helps to reduc the cramps!


KWF said...

HHB & JY, thanks. Maybe because I'm a perfectionist, it's not up to my standard. But I do agree when lighted up, it gives a very different effect.