05 May 2008

Lor Mai Kai

This post is a little behind. I actually made this Dim Sum on last Friday night. Lor Mai Kai is one of my hubby's favourite Dim Sum. One little plate costs me $1.50 to buy from outside, so I thought it would be a better idea to try to make it.

Only manage to get 5 Lor Mai Kai yesterday using the small aluminium tray. It tasted quite good though I would prefer the rice to be a little softer. Adding a little ginger juice would definitely spice up the taste. But the weather is so hot nowadays and the kids are not quite well (darren recovering from his long cough, olina still on mc this week for her lung infection, karina seems to be losing appetite ), so I decided to omit that. I've followed the method in KC closely.

Lor Mai Kai
Yields 5 servings


2 boneless, skinless chicken thighs, cut into big chunks
5 preserved chinese mushrooms, soaked to soften
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp Hua Diao Chinese Cooking Wine(花雕酒)
1 tsp ginger juice (optional)

300g glutinous rice, washed and soaked for at least 4 hrs
2 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp light soy sauce
2 tsp sugar

1. Marinate the chicken pieces with the seasoning for at least 2 hours.
2. Heat up some oil in a wok. Fry the chicken over high heat for about 2 mins. Add the mushrooms and fry for another 2 mins till the chicken are semi-cooked or just cooked. Remove and set aside.
3. Add a little more oil into the wok. Fry the rice with the rice seasoning till the rice gets sticky (about 5-8 mins). I added a little water along the way to simmer the rice a little and to prevent it from sticking to my wok. I will probably add more water the next round to soften the rice more.
4. To assemble, place 2-3 pieces of chicken and a piece of mushroom into a round aluminium tray or small bowl. Top up with rice and press the rice down.
5. Steam over high heat for 45 mins.
6. Invert the tray/bowl onto a plate to remove the Lor Mai Kai before serving.

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Yuri said...

Hi wf, guess most of us r bz with mid-yr exams. Saw yr humming bird cake posted on KC. How does it taste? Did u follow Rei's recipe or the "actual" one? I'm thinking of making that to give away to someone :P

KWF said...

yuri, you're too fast...lol... I just finished adding the blog entry on the hummingbird cake. I use the recipe from Joy of Baking, but did some small adjustments.

Anonymous said...

Dearest WF,
Thanks for yr kind comments, J boy doesn't have spinal damage. I thanked the Lord. It's muscle strain somewhere on his 5kg body.
I pray too that your children will recover soon.
Take care and may our Good Lord bless each and every one of us and our families.
Big hugs to you,

KWF said...

Sandra, glad that Junior is all right. Thanks for all your well wishes. My kids are getting better now.

Anonymous said...

HI kwf

hope that your kids have recovered...and yes, the exam fever is finally coming to an end, at least for me..my eldest is taking his last paper today! Hooray! I was contemplating what to make for breakfast tomorrow to celebrate the end of the exams and then i saw the lor mai kai post. I usually have sweet stuff for breakfast but maybe i'll do a savory one for a change. just wondering, can i make it tonight and then heat it up using microwave tomorrow morning? will it affect the texture and taste?
thks much.


KWF said...

octopusmum, thanks. The two older kids are ok now. But the little one is developing a cough. :( I've brought her to the dr ytd, hopefully she'll not developed into ath serious like the last round.

So happy for you, your agony is going to be over very soon! Mine still not yet, his last paper is next thurs, still a long way to go.

This Lor Mai Kai is more on the grainy side. So shouldn't be a problem reheating in microwave the next day. Alternatively, you can steam it the next morning for about 15 mins. That's what I usually do since I do not have a microwave. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kwf
do watch out for coughs...my youngest had a prolonged cough which developed into fever and subsequently, diagnosed to have pneumonia..very stressful period for us cause never experienced such things with my other 2...

hey, next thurs will come very soon.
will go to the supermarket after work today and get the stuff to make the lor mai kai either tonight or tomorrow night, can't wait!


KWF said...

octopusmum, both my girls just recovered from pneumonia too. One had to be on neubaliser, the other on spray.

Hope you like the dim sum. Enjoy your celebration! :)