10 April 2008

Long overdue

This is a piece of work that has been completed (the knitting portion) long, long ago, in Dec 2007.

The problem with me is this. I love to knit, but I drag the sewing up! So most of the times, I would have happily completed the different parts of a project and then leave it there till I'm really in the mood to sew it up. That explains why this was only fully completed now.

I love the cabling designs in this tank. Fell in love with it when I first saw the design. Just realised the pattern has been taken down with the closure of Magknits, a site I really loved as it featured loads of gorgeous free patterns. A pity. The good thing is I've got a copy in my knitting file. Too good a design to miss.

I love every bit of this design, down to the lovely straps.

I bet it'll be another donkey years before I can showcase my next FO. The knitting portion is largely neglected and overpowered by the baking in this blog! lol...

Mood: pleased


Anonymous said...

WF, I love your knitted top. It's lovely. Wish I can knit like you. Maybe I should try and learn decreasing and increasing first.
Btw, you have real good muscles on your arms ..... result of all that bread kneading. *smile*
Take care and enjoy yr passions.

Happy Homebaker said...

What a lovely knitted top :)
I recently dig out a pair of white booties which I made for my younger boy 6 yrs ago! So far I have only completed 3 pairs of booties...and one half completed sweater (w/o sleeves) and one scarf, lolz!

Yuri said...

wf, must say you really have patience. I can only crochet and never ventured into any project that needs more than 1 day to complete. Well done, very nice too!

KWF said...

Thanks, sandra, HHB & yuri.

Sandra, you can get clear instructions and videos on increasing and decreasing stitches here. :)
- Increasing stitches
- Decreasing stitches

HHB, I lost count of the items I've knitted. I've tried several vests (men's designs), sweaters, booties, hats, toys... Now I love knitting with cotton coz they feel so comfortable to wear, esp in our kind of weather.

yuri, one of my tasks on the list is also crochet. I've done that once, long long ago!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi kwf, I would love to pick up knitting again, but I am starting to have long-sightedness, sob sob! The other hobby that I love is cross-stitching...which again, I will have big problem doing that now!!!!

KWF said...

Hmmm...sometimes I suspect I have long-sightedness too, coz I need to remove my glasses and scrutinise closely before I can see the things better. But I'm not prepared to give up my hobby yet. :) Maybe a pair of glasses will help you with that. We're all reaching that stage...sigh...