25 April 2008

Grape Wine Making - Day 4

Starting from yesterday night, the fermentation seemed to have been much more active. Lots more bubbles can be seen.

The effervescence in the grapes is strong, like a gassy drink. I can spend a few minutes just staring and admiring the bubbles working their way up to the top of the jar. My hubby asked me why I was always staring at the jar of grapes...lol...

I love the nice pink color of the wine now. I can smell the sweet aroma of the wine when I put my nose near the jar. If I'm successful with this batch of wine, I want to harvest the pretty Rose Pink wine in future.

Mood: sweet


Anonymous said...

can we use this wine to cook? (confinement food)



KWF said...

Doris, I do use this wine to cook, but not for confinement. This is more of the red wine we drink.