18 March 2008

Are you game for this? :)

Remember yesterday I mentioned I was experimenting a new bread? Well I did it again today, this time using my hands to knead the dough. I wouldn't say it's a total success (you'll know why as you read on), but at least it's an edible and eatable bread. Erm...again it'll depend on which side you're in. You can belong to those who'll simply adore this (like me) or the other extreme who'll just stay as far away as possible.

Have you guess it yet? :)

I've made the Durian Loaf today. Do I hear some cheers or boos? ;)

I was searching for a durian bread recipe when I chance upon two chinese blogs that use the same recipe. I followed one of them and tried making it yesterday. But due to my "very clever" adjustment, the dough turned out too wet and difficult to handle (I had used my VM to knead the dough).

Bearing in mind my experience yesterday, I tried it again today, still making some adjustment to it (I never change, do I?). This time I hand kneaded the dough. But I could not fold the dough into a smooth ball after kneading. My instinct told me the dough may be too dry. So I added more milk and rekneaded the dough. Thank goodness it finally turned out ok, smooth and silky.

I left it to proof for about an hour and did the first proof test. The impression stayed, so I guess it's ok.

I went on to shape the dough and add in the fillings. After the second proofing, I added the toppings. This was where the little hiccup came. I guessed I must have been too greedy and added too much toppings. Some part of the bread collapsed a little (the dough could not take the weight of the toppings)! That was not the end. More collapsed when it was baking in the oven. My heart sank halfway when I saw this.

When it was finally out from the oven, I waited for it to cool a little and sliced a piece for testing. I simply adore the end result! The sweet aroma of the durian amidst the bread with the crunchy toppings were all so satisfying for a durian lover! I was glad the texture of the bread wasn't much compromised with the little accident.

So if you're a durian lover like me, do give this a try. Definitely absolutely satisfying!

Durian Loaf

Dough ingredients
250g bread flour
20-25g sugar (I used 20g)
3g salt
3g yeast
10g milk powder (I omitted this)
1 egg white
1 egg yolk (for egg wash)
140g milk (original recipe calls for 150g)
20g corn oil (original recipe calls for 20g butter)

200-50g fresh durian puree

15g butter, melted
8g sugar (the topping is not very sweet. If you prefer a sweet toppings, can add more sugar)
35g bread flour


To prepare the toppings
1. Mix butter with the sugar (I just use a spoon to do this).
2. Add in the bread flour and mix till you get small crumbs. The crumbs should not be too wet. The original recipe advises the use of hand for mixing, but I use a spoon instead.
3. Refrigerate for later use.

To prepare the dough
1. Mix all ingredients (except butter) in a large mixing bowl to form a dough.
2. Add in butter and knead the dough till smooth and elastic.
3. Round the dough into a smooth ball. Place it into a well greased bowl and cover with a damp towel or cling wrap for proofing till 2-2.5 times in size (about 1 hr).
4. Once proofing is completed, divide the dough into 4 equal portions and let them rest for 10 mins, covered with a damp cloth.
5. Roll each portion of the dough into a long rectangle, with the shorter side being the width of your bread tin or loaf pan.
6. Spread a generous amount of durian puree on the dough, leaving a little allowance on the edge of all sides.

7. Roll up the dough with durian in swiss roll style. It'll help to seal the end a little.

8. Place the 4 rolled up doughs into your bread tin or loaf pan. Cover with a damp cloth for second proofing until 2-2.5 times in size (around 1 hr).
9. Brush the top with the egg yolk and sprinkle the toppings on top.

10. Bake in preheated oven at 170-180°C for 30 minutes.
- When the top has browned (mine took about 18 minutes), cover it with your bread tin cover or an aluminium foil.
- The original recipe started baking at 190°C for 15 mins for the top to brown. After that cover the tin and continue baking at 175°C for another 25 minutes. You'll have to adjust the temperature and timing according to your oven.

I'm going to end today with the butter garlic prawns that I've cooked for dinner tonight. The buttery aroma is strong, but the taste is not so strong. Perhaps next time I'll add a little salt to season the prawns.

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Yuri said...

Well done again WF, very creative!

KWF said...

Thanks, yuri. This is actually more of a modification than a creation.

Rei said...

Whoa.. WF, you power!! I love durians~~ but if I make this bread, nobody will eat.. (good thing to eat the whole loaf alone or not?) Dunno why I so 'suay' live among durian haters.. spare me a slice pls.. ahahah.. :p

KWF said...

rei, you sure can finish the whole loaf, coz it's very small only. Too bad I don't have a bread tin (yet). I only manage to cut it into 8 small rolls (too difficult to slice it coz of the durian paste). My son had 2 this morning, brought one to school for his recess, so didn't left too many to go around already.

Anonymous said...

I'm so amazed by you! Durain and bread, what a creative combination! Will love to try it out BUT durian's a little too expensive for me to play with. Guess I can only adore your beautiful pictures!

KWF said...

Bernice, I'm not creative lah, I just have crazy ideas at times! hahaha....

Anonymous said...

hi kwf, not sure if you read my comment on your previous post? :-)

KWF said...

sharona, sorry, I read it the other round, but forgot to reply you. Have just replied. :)

Anonymous said...

Hee, reply to Bernice: Durian puree you can buy it at baking shop which cost around $15 for 2kg. Can freeze the remaining portion for other uses next time. ")