02 February 2008

Castle Cake


Long long ago, I decided to make a castle cake for Olina for her 4th birthday, which was yesterday. I chose a simple butter cake base which will give me enough volume to work with fondant, since this will be my first fondant cake.

I started making the cake late, as morning I was still finishing up the last bits of work for the cupcakes from Thurs. So only managed to start baking the cakes at 2:30pm.

While the cakes were baking, I started working on the towers. The fondant which I've made in Gina's place on Wed has hardened a little. It has to be kneaded again as I did not knead it very thoroughly on Wed. Using the toilet roll holders I've collected, I wrapped white fondant over them. I then crafted the bricks using a satay stick. It was quite tedious, but fun.

Next come the turrets which were created using two different types of ice-cream cones. I didn't want the four towers to look the same, so I created two different types of turrets.

After the cakes have completely cooled, I covered them in pink fondant. That wasn't too difficult though I could have done a better job. The last phase was to assemble all the different parts together and added in the little accessories.

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Gina Choong said...

WF, I see what you mean about 'sweating' cakes. One thing I learnt about dressing a cake in fondant was never to be too eager to do too much. Must work it and be happy, not kan cheong. Sometimes our body 'expels' much heat when we are kan cheong. thus the fondant we work on, tends to sweat too. the best way around this was to put a fan at full blast blowing at it.

KWF said...

Gina, maybe that's why your fondant doesn't sweat even if out of the fridge! I didn't on the fan coz it was quite cold yesterday, the whole day was raining. Also there was just too much icing sugar lying around. Can't imagine with a fan on!

Anonymous said...

Which brand of fondant did you use? I know it sweats if it has been raining, and the brand pettinice sweats more than Wilton.

Congrats on your castle cake! It is very nice!

KWF said...

Mong, thanks! The fondant is self-made marshmellow fondant. It's been cool that few days, so the fondant can't stop sweating too. :(

Anonymous said...

wowow.....very pretty cake.....
looked so yummy.....ur lil babe muz be trilled

KWF said...

Thanks, hippoadel. She's quite happy with it. Too bad we didn't manage to cut it on her birthday.

XiQi said...

Your cake looked so beautiful and when I showed this to my girl, she asked if I can make one for her coming 8 years old birthday?

Do you mind sharing with me how to make the marshmellow fondant?
Is it difficult?

I have no experience at all with fondant but would like to try it out very much.

Wong said...

May I know how you stack the 2 cakes up? any support inside?


KWF said...

XiQi, sorry for the late reply. You can check out how to make marshmellow fondant
here. Give it a try. I'm sure you can do it.

Wong, there is no support. Just wet the fondant a little and it'll stick the cakes together.