11 January 2008

Melting Moments

I tested this recipe from KC this morning for my CNY bake. The recipe yields over 60 cookies, at least.

Made a few mistakes today.
1. I added too much vanilla powder (1 tsp), so the cookies turn out a little bitter.
2. I realise it's not that easy to get this cookie right. If I bake at 180 degC for 15 mins (the specified time), my cookies will be brown, like these. Then they'll lose their melting moments and taste more like normal cookies.

I'll have to adjust my oven temperature to around 150-160 degC and bake them till they're just cooked to get the real melting moments.

Overall I'm satisfied with this recipe and will be doing them again next week for my CNY baking. Hopefully next time round I'll have more correct cookies than this round.



Mimi said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I got cheerful to read your kind comments! Happy belated birthday! everything looks so yummy in your blog! ;)

KWF said...

Thanks for dropping by too, Mimi! :)