26 October 2007

Taking a stop for a while

The children at the school were pretty curious to see the cuppies today. Perhaps that's because they usually see a big cake, rather than so many small little ones.

I went there a little too late, so the children did not have time to eat the cuppies. The teachers let them each bring one home after singing the birthday song and candle blowing. The children's caretakers were surprised to see these little cuppies and commented I've put in a lot of effort for the birthday. The teacher commented my buttercream was not too sweet, which was good. At least all the hard work pays off...lol...

Olina and Karina, the birthday girl

The children waiting to sing the birthday song

I think I've got enough of cupcakes at the moment. Shall take a break for now and see if I want to pursue further. Maybe for Christmas later, if anyone would dare eat my bake...lol...

Mood: sleepy

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